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Extremely natural crowns

Aguilera Laser Dental



Lasers have advanced nearly every facet of medicine and we are now pleased to introduce Aguilera Laser Dental in The Rio Grande Valley for safe, fast, comfortable and effective procedures in all scopes of dentistry.

With Laser Dentistry the light is so precise it allows the unhealthy or decayed portion of the tooth or gum to be selectively removed, leaving more of the healthy structure unharmed. Our lasers are FDA approved and have proven to be appropriate and safe and have been used in thousands of patients.




In this ever changing world we need to keep evolving to the newest technology while adapting to the present economy, that is why Aguilera Laser Dental improves the way WE treat our patients because our patients deserve it!.

Your comfort is especially important to us. We make the commitment to provide only the most advanced dental treatments for you, our patient, at no additional cost.


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